Unmatched Route when using shared routes with array syntax

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 49
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Web (haven’t tried ios or android yet)

Github issue link: `Unmatched Route` when using shared routes with array syntax · Issue #805 · expo/router · GitHub

Which package manager are you using? (Yarn is recommended)




I have set up a basic expo typescript project using npx expo init with expo-router & expo-dev-client installed and I’m running this app on the Web.

Whenever i try to navigate to a shared route that has been created in the app/ directory using the array syntax I consistently get:

Unmatched Route
Page could not be found. Go back.


In my app directory I have created a file layout like so:


    (manage, preview)/

When I set my hrefs to be /events/1234 they work but then how do I differentiate between the sub-view to which I want to gain access e.g: (manage, preview).

When I get to the page successfully (without (manage) or (preview) in the href) my segment log (in (manage, preview)/_layout.tsx) looks like events/(manage,preview)

I’m hoping I’ve just massively misinterpreted something here which is usually the case.

Any help would be amazing!


Minimal reproducible example


import { Link, useRouter } from "expo-router";

export default function Page() {
  const router = useRouter()
  return <>
    <Link href="/events/(manage)/1234">
      I don't work
    <Button title="I don't work" onPress={() => router.push("/events/(manage)/1234")} />

    <Link href="/events/1234">
      I work but am confused...
    <Button title="I work but am confused..." onPress={() => router.push("/events/1234")} />


import { Slot } from "expo-router";

export default function DynamicLayout({ segment }) {

  return <Slot />;


import { useLocalSearchParams, usePathname } from "expo-router";

const Page = () => {
  const pathname = usePathname();
  const localSearchParams = useLocalSearchParams();

  return (
      {pathname} : {localSearchParams.eventID}

Thank you!

Am i missing this step?

export const unstable_settings = {
  // Used for `(foo)`
  initialRouteName: 'first',
  // Used for `(bar)`
  bar: {
    initialRouteName: 'second',

The issue has been picked up on github. follow it there.|

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