`Unknown Error` while uploading bundle expo publish

› Expo SDK: 43.0.0
› Release channel: default
› Workflow: Managed

Building optimized bundles and generating sourcemaps...
Starting Metro Bundler
Android Bundling complete 8111ms

Bundle                     Size
┌ index.ios.js          2.65 MB
├ index.android.js      2.65 MB
├ index.ios.js.map      8.34 MB
└ index.android.js.map  8.35 MB

💡 JavaScript bundle sizes affect startup time. Learn more: https://expo.fyi/javascript-bundle-sizes

Analyzing assets
Saving assets
No assets changed, skipped.

Processing asset bundle patterns:
- /Users/<user>/react_native/d2lb/**/*

Uploading JavaScript bundles
An unknown error occurred.```

I'm using yarn, rebuilt the packages folder, logged out and back into expo-cli, and tried different release channels.

Any ideas?