Universal Links, how to find app Ids, bundle information

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  1. SDK Version:47
  2. Platforms: ios
  3. Deep Linking, getting started with deep linking

Hello, I am just trying to get started with deep linking but obviously it is more complicated than the documentation suggests.

I can’t even seem to get through the first step. Please help me understand!

I am using firebase hosting and have created the AASA file and it sits on the sever at /.well-known/apple-app-site-association

It has been configured (correctly I thought)

  "applinks": {
    "apps": [],
    "details": [
        "appIDs": [
        "components": [

At this point, I have been able to get sorta validated through this website:

But I receive this message when I put in my domain where the rewrites should occur.

- This domain has a valid AASA, but does not contain provided Bundle / Apple App Prefix Identifiers. Bundle information can be found in the General tab for your build target in Xcode. App Prefix information can be found on your Apple Developer Account on the App IDs page. -

I have so many questions, I don’t even know where to begin.

But here goes:
What is it looking for that I have not added?
Where do I find the information it wants?

  • I don’t see an App Ids page on my developer account. Where would I find that?
  • I have never used xCode for this because I am using expo. Where would I find this information in xCode or expo?
    Do I have to deploy the app to the app store before this information is available from Apple?
    Do I have to build (eas build)? before this will work?
    Will this even work in preview builds I send to ad hoc test users?

If anyone can help I would very much appreciate any pointers here.

—Edit – No I am wrong. This still doesn’t seem to work. It passes the test but I did find my APP Prefix and when i add it to the AASA Validator it actually invalidates it. Also, I am still not getting any indication that these redirects will reach my app. They just go to a 404 page on the server. :frowning:

Ok, the issue that was stopping me here was pretty simple.

I just put the wrong information in the appIds array. I was adding a url when i needed the appId.
In my case, that appId corresponds with the bundle identifier in my app.config.js file under ios.

module.exports = {
  ios: {
    bundleIdentifier: [appId is this value]

Hopefully the rest of this will make sense now :slight_smile:

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