Unexpected server issue on upgrade

Is this the right place to ask for support related to upgrades? I am not able to upgrade my account, getting an unexpected server error when I enter my account details. I have tried with multiple cards over the last few hours.

Hi! Answered you on Slack, but I’ll answer here since it’s a little more visible :smile:
We were experiencing some transient issues, although they seem to be resolved now, so can you try signing up again?

@charliecruzan I’m still getting an unexpected server error when trying to update to a priority plan. Are there still any issues occurring?

There shouldn’t be, I’m looking into this now

Is there any progress on this issue? I still get the same error.

I just tried to upgrade again now and I am still getting and unexpected server error in the credit card field.

Sorry guys, we are still investigating. Rest assured this is being prioritized!

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Tried again: “Unexpected server error” is gone, but now the page is stuck at “Processing changes…”. I get a welcome email for the Developer Services though :slightly_smiling_face:

This is back up and running (the “Processing changes” bug you’re reporting is probably separate, and shouldn’t be blocking anything)

Thanks for your patience everyone, if you have any trouble signing up now at https://expo.io/settings/billing please let me know!

I don’t know if it’s separate or not, but I still cannot buy the Developer Services. Stuck like this:

Fyi: I get the “Welcome to Expo Developer Services” email. But my account is still in the Free plan.

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