Unable to use react-native-picker component

Hi guys,
Im trying to use react-native-picker component (https://github.com/beefe/react-native-picker) but no luck.

Here the exception:

Device: (8:1558) undefined is not an object (evaluating 'l._init')

Any ideas?

it will be great to get this component as part of expo … most dropdown components are very ugly and they look different in ios / android

Alternatively I could use the pure javascript version but is slower: https://github.com/beefe/react-native-picker/tree/pure-javascript-version

Thanks !!!

From the README of that project

Step 2 - link

	react-native link

You can’t use this directly in expo because it is not a pure JS library. You would need to detach to to ExpoKit to make this workable.

Could you create a feature request at expo.canny.io if this is something you need?

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Ok Edgar, understood … im using the plain version just now … thanks !!!

Thanks Adam, i will think about it =)