Unable to upload to Android Play because of (unoptimized) filesize (29.2 mb)

Android Play complains about the size of the APK file (29.2 mb)

Any solutions for this?

It’s just warning you should be able to upload it either way(it’s because apk contains binaries for all supported platforms).

Also, the screenshot you provided has info about a possible method of resolution, just use Android App Bundle expo build:android -t app-bundle


True, I can upload but not rollout.

I’ll try the app-bundle parm, thanks :slight_smile:

It was not the reason I could not make the rollout …it was just a friendly warning.

But now I’m at it …it reduces the size by 50% …is there any reason not to do it?

I’m just following the Expo documentation for uploading …and the guides are without the -t app-bundle parameters.

It’s recommended way, support for app bundles was added relatively recently to expo and docs weren’t updated yet. Default value for -t is apk (expo build:android --help).

I think I’ve done it wrong…

I used expo build:android -t app-bundle in my CLI. It makes a .aab file (31.4 MB) which bigger than .apk (30.1 MB).

Any ideas?

When you are using app bundles play store will internally split it into 4 apk for every platform. Final user will download 10-15MB from store

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It creates a bundle for different devices …try uploading it to Google Play and see the download size there :slight_smile:

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Thanks, you saved my day.
When I used expo build:android my application size was 30 MB

expo build:android -t app-bundle

after using this now updated app size 14 MB amazing :innocent:

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