Unable to send text data with expo-sharing

Hello i am trying to send text data along with image using expo-sharing but I am able to sent only images no text data is visible

Below is my code snippet that I am using for sharing text and image:-

Am I doing anything wrong here please help me :slight_smile:

  openShareDialogAsync = async () => {
    console.log("insdie openshare....")
    if (!(await Sharing.isAvailableAsync())) {
      alert(`Uh oh, sharing isn't available on your platform`);
    var messageText = 'Text that you want to share goes here';
const options = {
   mimeType: 'image/jpeg',
   dialogTitle: messageText,

    await Sharing.shareAsync(this.state.cameraRollUri,options);

P.S:- “expo-sharing”: “~9.1.2”

Hey @vivek22719, to clarify are you saying that you can not see the dialog title? If so, this is only visible on web and android, not on iOS.


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