Unable to run newly created app


When I create a new app with expo init myAppName and then try to run it with yarn ios I am getting errors:

The following build commands failed:
       CopySwiftLibs /Users/username/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/...etc

I’ve tried deleting the entire Xcode directory with rm -rfv ~/Library/Developer/Xcode but I still get the same error when I run the app with yarn ios.

Any ideas what I can do to resolve this issue?

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I don’t have a solution, but I’m experiencing the same issue.

@ezrafree After trying so many things, I ended up upgrading my macOS and then Xcode, and now the bare workflow is working.

This is not ideal, but for anyone having this issue, that’s a potential solution, if maybe you’re in a similar situation.
I upgraded from:
macOS: 10.14.5
Xcode: 11.3.1

macOS: 10.15.7
Xcode: 12.0.1

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This worked for me as well, thanks! Pretty heavy “fix” though