Unable to resolve module 'module://react-native/Libraries/Core/ReactNativeVersion.js

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to implement react navigation in my first app but everytime I try to run it I receive the error in the title.
I’ve then tried to open the “hello world” directly from the official homepage https://reactnavigation.org/docs/hello-react-navigation and also on that one I receive the same error.
I guess that the new react navigation libraries are not yet implemented into snack.expo.io but I was wondering if there is any kind of workaround.
Thanks in advance to everybody

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I have got the same error
Device: (895:881) Unable to resolve module ‘module://react-native/Libraries/Core/ReactNativeVersion.js’
Evaluating module://react-native/Libraries/Core/ReactNativeVersion.js
Evaluating module://react-native-screens.js
Evaluating module://react-native-router-flux.js
Evaluating module://App.js.js
Loading module://App.js

Look forward to seeing your solution

still getting the same error did you find a fix ??

I can confirm that the first example Snack on the hello-react-navigation page does not work in Android and gives the above error.

It seems to work fine in the Web preview, except that it takes a very long time to finish loading everything.

You might need to run it locally instead of in a snack until the problem is fixed.

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