Unable to resolve "expo-localization"

I have installed expo-localization as the manual says and I receive this error message Unable to resolve “expo-localization”
sdk 35
“expo-localization”: “~7.0.0”,
Help please

Hi. At what point exactly did you get the error? Please paste the error message here and also the part of the code that references expo-localization.

I have just created a new app with expo init, run expo install expo-localization, then expo install i18n-js, then copied and pasted the example from the docs into App.js. I did not get an error.

Thanks for answering … This is the error, it appears to me when I do the import in App.js
In package.json dependencies, I have “expo-localization ~ 7.0.0” installed

I have already managed to fix it, I have deleted the node modules folder and I have deleted package-lock.json, I have reinstalled everything and now it does not give problems … The fact is that I did the same thing a couple of days ago and it did not solve it … Yes now.
Thank you!

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By the way, you can also press the “Copy” button below the error on your phone and then press Ctrl-v/Cmd-v on your computer to paste the full error.

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