Unable to open the expo apk

I have an issue with expo apk that doesnt start, i have tried with two phones with diferent android versions 5.0.0+.
It gets stuck on the main loading screen with the logo, i had this issue for 2 or 3 days now, just after the new update. And i dont know what to do, i am sorry if its something stupid, i am new on expo and react-native.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @elbongo

Try looking at the troubleshooting docs.

But i dont have problems with the builds, its pure apk error, as soon i open the app doesnt let me get in to the main menu where you can scan or select previous builds, it gets stuck in the loading screen with the expo logo

Not far from the top is a paragraph on runtime errors which links to a “Debugging” page.

Have a look at that. Especially the “hint”

I am getting what I believe to the the same problem. I have gone through all of the troublshooting/debugging docs. All requests are 200 to the expo.dev and eascdn.net servers. Updates work fine on iOS but totally bork my android app and gets stuck on the loading/splash screen. Only solution is to reinstall.
I went from running update ON_LOAD to manually fetching and just the act of checkForUpdateAsync causes the app to no longer work, I can see the updated manifest but then it won’t load again after that. I’ve asked several questions in discord with zero replies :frowning:

I think you should use Logcat to debug to see the root cause. Without error message no one can help you :slight_smile:

Basically you need to connect your phone with your laptop via cable then turn USB Debugging on your phone and see the error showing on Logcat

Hi @oops_jenn

Based on what you say I assume you’ve tried running npx expo start --no-dev --minify and seeing if you get the same problem in Expo Go or a development build?

If you switch from JavaScriptCore to Hermes (or vice versa) there’s also a chance that you’ll get different symptoms, which might give you a better idea as to what is wrong. This is not a solution, but it’s something I would try anyway to see if it helps, before doing anything more drastic.

Not that this is a solution :slight_smile: but I suspect you could get it working without a reinstall by clearing the cache and/or data for the app.

As chungxa says, hopefully there’s something in the device logs (adb logcat).

If none of that helps, maybe try creating a new Expo app with the same dependencies (but just the default App.js) and see if it behaves the same way. If it does not, then you can try to figure out what’s different between the two apps that causes the problem. If it does, then it could possibly be something to do with one of your dependencies (or versions) and you could try removing dependencies until it works, etc.

When I said only solution was to reinstall, was that in a production build for our users the only way I could get the app back into an ok state that was functional was to have the app uninstalled and then re-install it from the store.

I agree looking at logcat etc is a step to help debug what was going on but that didn’t work for us on users devices.