Unable to login to Expo using Github creds suddenly

I used Expo just fine till last night. However, this morning when I tried to login using Expo, it gives me an error message in red “Cannot read property ‘payload’ of null”.

Any way I can use Expo with my saved projects without logging in?


Is nobody else getting this issue? I am also not able to create a new account. “An unknown error has occurred” is what I get. There goes my wasted weekend :expressionless:

Hi @rodiwaa - sorry for the inconvenience! We recently had to disable Github login/signup as part of a longer, ongoing process to improve our auth infrastructure. You can check our twitter for more info on this. However, you can retrieve your account credentials by using the forgot password flow with the email you used for the Github login.

@esamelson - hey! thanks! i retrieved my account using forgot password. all good now.

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