Unable to Load My Project On The Simulator

After creating a brand new app, I run “Yarn Start” and press “I” to run the project on my local simulator, but for some reason I am getting the error message. After doing a bit of research, I was told to uninstall the Expo and reinstall the program. I am having considerable amount of difficultly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Am I posting this question in the right spot?

hi there! delete the expo app from your simulator and try again. it will install the latest version

I am unsure on how to remove expo from my simulator. Do you mind pointing me to a link or explaining it. Sorry if my question is a bit basic.

I removed it by finding the expo app and removing it from the simulator manually. This was done by holding the icon down using the mouse for a few seconds. After a few seconds, I got an icon on the top right hand corner of the expo app and removed it. Then reran the simulator and it self installed. Hopefully, this helps someone. Thanks notbrent.

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