Unable to load any Google Chrome browser pages even when loading bar completes

Please provide the following:

  1. 6.3.7
  2. Android and iOS

Im new to mobile app development and am doing so on an android emulator (Pixel XL API UpsideDownCake). I am trying to do a Google login for my app. Initially, the code worked and redirected me to accounts.google with the page loaded. After closing the popup and trying again, a blank page loads even when load bar completes. I then thought the issue could be because I wasnt signed in on expo app. But when I tried logging into expo app via android emulator, the expo.dev bar finishes loading but the page never loades, and stays on a white screen. I have tried this fix (Google Chrome browser in Android 12 emulator doesn't load any webpages (internet is working!) - Stack Overflow) but it doesnt work. Can someone please help me? Thank you

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