Unable to load a 3D model

  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner with React/RN and I wanted to get into it with a project. I’m trying to do a 3D configurator as an app on Android and iOS. I already did it in HTML/JS (based on Threejs) but now I want to do it in RN !
I’m able to display a scene with a simple object in it. However, I’m facing some difficulties about loading a 3D object (gltf/glb or fbx). I can’t get it working, I searched many examples but none of them seem to be updated …
Have you got any example working with SDK 36 ? Could you guide me about how I can load an object ? (Expo doc didn’t helped me)
Would you like to see some of my code to help me ?

Thank you for sharing your skills with a beginner :stuck_out_tongue:

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