Unable to launch project on IOS


I decided to update my project with latest npm package versions and now I’m not able to load my project on my iPhone.
Project is started on my PC, QR code displayed, but when I"m scanning it with default iPhone camera I"m receiving message “No usable data found” instead of “Open in Exp” like before. I also tried other options to send project url via email and sms, but this urls are not working. “Invalid URL” error message displayed.

QR code scanner detected url: exp4643790d62dd469294cdbf8a3cb893cb://

Project is displayed in Expo app under section “Recently in development” but clicking on it nothing happens.

Reproducible on iPhone7 and iPhone SE.
QR code scanned from cmd and Metro Bundler.
Tried by creating new project like written in latest documentation, but still the same.
Reinstalled Expo on my phone, but issue still persists.

So I’m kinda stuck currently with this issue. Can anybody help me?