Unable to launch emulator

Hi all, I am new to Expo. I have been editing my code using Sublime. I wanted to debug my app using emulator but I not sure how do I create an emulator.

When I selected the ‘Open in Android’ from Expo, it shows me these error messages:

Couldn’t start project on Android: Error running adb: No Android device found. Please connect a device and follow the instructions here to enable USB debugging:
https://developer.android.com/studio/run/device.html#developer-device-options. If you are using Genymotion go to Settings -> ADB, select “Use custom Android SDK tools”, and point it at your Android SDK directory.

Any ideas? Thanks in advanced!


Did you follow the instructions in the error message?
Did doing that work?

Hi, yes I installed the genymotion and Oracle virtual box. I followed the guideline to choose Nexus 5 as virtual device on genymotion, but upon launching the virtual device, it told me virtualBox cannot start virtual device.

my emulator isnt running . keeps giving me error messages.