Unable to find module for DevMenu using a managed Expo SDK 39 app

  1. SDK Version: 39
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

When running the app in an iOS simulator, when I make changes, in the best case live reload is not working and I have to refresh the app again, and in the worst case I get an error “Unable to find module for DevMenu” and I have to close the simulator and relaunch it.

I have created a repo app here: https://github.com/pjb3/unable-to-find-module-for-dev-menu

I created this app by running expo init my-app using expo-cli 3.27.14 on my Mac running OS 10.15.7. This error did not happen when it was just the blank generated app, did not happen when I added fonts and styled components, but started happening when I added react-navigation.

I would love if someone can help me fix this error because development is very slow having to restart the simulator after almost every change.

I’ve also removed react-navigation in a branch and the problem is still happening: https://github.com/pjb3/unable-to-find-module-for-dev-menu/tree/no-react-navigation

I figured this out. It had nothing to do with dependencies, it was the way I was declaring functions. I was using this syntax:

export default () => {

To declare all the components, but it seems that this confuses the reloading functionality. If you instead declare the functions like this:

export default function Component() {

Then it works fine, even the hot reloading.

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Glad you got it working, but that’s really weird.
Arrow functions should work fine.

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