Unable to find a specification for 'UMCore' depended upon by 'EXGL'

I am trying to eject my project as I need to in able to use AR. I am getting the following error when running pod install. [!] Unable to find a specification for ‘UMCore’ depended upon by ‘EXGL’. What can I do?

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Hey @kodmunki,

What SDK version is your project? Also, can you try running pod repo-update and then pod install and see if that helps?


Im running 32 and had done those suggested steps. — I eventually got it working but there were a number of things that I had to do that it doesnt appear there are docs for. — I have everything building, but am having an issue at runtime that i have created another forum topic for. — I have been keeping notes on my experience and will share all of it once I have the newly ejected app successfully running and deployed at least once for each device. I think it could be helpful for others. — Thanks for your suggestions on this one!! :nerd_face::+1:

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