Unable to detach from expo.

When i run the command expo detach it gives “detach” is not an expo command. I am using expo version 2.6.14. How can i detach my app from expo?

expo detach has been removed for making detach use

expo eject

But as I read on some blogs, expo eject would remove all the expo dependency including core Expo SDK. I don’t want that. Is “expo eject” work same as “expo detach”?

It will ask you option for choosing at the time of eject

? How would you like to eject from create-react-native-app? 
  React Native: I'd like a regular React Native project. 
❯ ExpoKit: I'll create or log in with an Expo account to use React Native and the Expo SDK. 
  Cancel: I'll continue with my current project structure.

go with second ExpoKit, expo dependency will work

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