Unable to debug on iOS device using Expo 48

I created a development build for iOS using ’ eas build ’

Installed latest version of Expo on my device
Installed the build on the device

Started metro on my mac using: ‘npm start’ which in turn runs ‘npx expo start --dev-client --tunnel’

Scanned the QR code from the iOS device
It opens the app and console logs are seen on the terminal from where expo was started.
pressing ‘r’ on the expo cli causes the app to reload

pressed ‘j’ on the expo cli terminal, I see an error:
No compatible apps connected. JavaScript Debugging can only be used with the Hermes engine.

Hermes is true :
I checked with below logs:

const isHermes = () => !!global.HermesInternal
console.log('HERMES = ', isHermes())

I set “jsEngine”: “hermes”, in app.json

running curl http://my-url-.exp.direct/json/list returns empty list ie

I have restarted expo, device, laptop, checked network connections, but I still see the above error, ie : No compatible apps connected. JavaScript Debugging can only be used with the Hermes engine

The same steps work on Android - I am able to debug by pressing ‘j’

Appreciate any pointers on getting debugging working on iOS device

Hello, 1. Ensure Hermes Engine: Make sure that the Hermes JavaScript engine is enabled for your app. Check that the value of "jsEngine" in your app.json file is set to "hermes", as you mentioned.
2. Verify Expo Client Version: Ensure that you have the latest version of Expo Client installed on your iOS device. You mentioned installing the latest version, but double-check to confirm that it is indeed the latest release.
3. Restart the Metro Bundler: Try stopping the Metro bundler completely by pressing Ctrl+C in the terminal where it is running. Then restart it by running npm start or npx expo start --dev-client --tunnel again.
4. Reload the App: After restarting the Metro bundler, reload the app on your iOS device by scanning the updated QR code generated by Expo.
5. Check Network Connectivity: Ensure that both your Mac and iOS device are connected to the same network and can communicate with each other. If you’re using a firewall or VPN, make sure it’s not blocking any necessary connections.
6. Disable Debugging in Safari: If you have previously enabled the JavaScript debugging in Safari for your iOS device, try disabling it as it can interfere with Expo debugging. Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Web Inspector and toggle it off.
7. Verify Debugging Permissions: On your iOS device, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features and ensure that “JavaScript Debugging” is enabled.

If the issue persists after trying these steps, it might be helpful to consult the Expo documentation or reach out to the Expo support community for further assistance.

Thank you very much
Unfortunately, none of these has worked for me.
I followed Expo docs from Using Hermes Engine - Expo Documentation
Can you please share the link of how I can reach out to the Expo support community for further assistance?