Unable to configure InfoPlist and AndroidManifest using plugins

Hi, I want to modify both InfoPlist and AndroidManifest without ejecting from Expo.
I am trying with Config Plugins - Expo Documentation but so far unable.

In particular I want to set cleartextTrafficPermitted to false on the manifest.
And NSAllowsArbitraryLoads false for InfoPlist, and remove localhost from NSExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads.

We want to improve some pentests results.
Thanks so much. Appreciate any guidance.

I was able to setup ios.infoPlist.NSAppTransportSecurity.NSAllowsArbitraryLoads to false in the app.json itself. Still struggling with Android manifest changes.

Hi @gdisacco

The following might point you in the right direction:

and app.json:

Although the above might not be exactly what you want.

For other examples, check the expo/expo-cli, expo/expo and expo/config-plugins Git repositories for references to withAndroidManifest.

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Thanks so so much! That was my solution. :pray:

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