Unable to compile custom dev client for Android in RN 0.65

After updating to the recent release of React Native 0.65, the Android project stopped compiling when the custom dev client was included. These were the build errors that I received:

I then went and looked through the Expo repository on GitHub and found this issue, and subsequently today I noticed that a PR had been merged to fix the issue, but I am unable to find a way to update to a version including the fix.

I realize that it will most likely show up in the next release, and was wondering when it is to be expected as I would have to remove the custom dev client until then in order to keep working on the app. Or perhaps there is a way to use the latest changes already that I have overlooked?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


I seem to be unable to fully remove the custom client from the Android project as well, despite reversing all the steps taken while following the installation guide. How can I get the Android project working again without sacrificing the (working) IOS dev client?

I’m checking to see if we can publish a new version soon- in the meantime if you need this change ASAP you could always apply the diff with patch-package


Thank you! That is exactly what I ended up doing. Works like a charm!

We’re also working on fixing RN 0.65 compatibility for iOS, so we’re going to hold off on releasing until that lands, as well (should be soon).

For now, you can follow @maltehall’s lead and fix it with patch-package, thanks for your patience!

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