Unable to change Background color of Tab bar in BottomTabbarNavigation

I am using BottomTabNavigator in my project I am unable to change the color of the Tab it’s being in default color although I am trying to change the style background color. Following is the code I am using, even the tintcolors also not getting changed. I am attaching the screenshots of the page.
I want to change the color of the bar where the icons present.

      tabBarPosition: 'bottom',
      tabBarOptions: {
               activeTintColor: 'blue',
          inactiveTintColor: 'grey',
          style: {
            backgroundColor: 'darkcerulean',
            labelStyle: {
              fontSize: 13,


Can someone help me with that ?

Thanks in advance.
[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/qUfu6.png

Hey @nisha_nishu,

This looks correct to me at first glance. One thing that might be of import, what version of react-navigation are you using? Also, could you throw your code in a Snack so it’s easier to debug? http://snack.expo.io/



Hii @adamjnav ,
I am able to solve the issue by the solution provided by someone in stackoverflow.

Thank You

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