Uknown Internal Server Error

I’m using the python exponent_server_sdk library on my server

From my server the following is run:

                                                        body="Dummy Body",
                                                        data={"event_id": dummy_event_id}))

This is a valid push token by my estimation. It is found using


from the expo js library.

This all actually used to work but was disabled for a while. When I re-enabled, I get a 500 error on the publish above.

The details from the error:

exponent_server_sdk.PushServerError: Request failed

More details:

Request failed


{'errors': [{'code': 'INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR', 'message': 'An unknown error occurred.'}]}

Hi! Sorry you’re having trouble with this. We’re looking into it, thankfully this doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue.

Edit: Looks like this is related to sending push notifications when running your project in a snack. If you are developing locally with expo-cli, you won’t hit this issue

I’ll update here once we resolve this!

Hi, I’m having the same exact issue as well. I was doing some testing yesterday and it was working fine. I tried doing it today and it kept failing and giving me the same error mentioned. I’m also using python exponent_server_sdk to send notifications to android devices. I also tried using the expo push notification tool and the same error was returned to me there as well.

Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

@jbyomuhangi2 was this in a snack?

@charliecruzan I’m not sure what a snack is, i’m pretty new to using expo.

I used 'expo init ’ to make the new project.
Then i use ‘expo start --tunnel’ to run the app on my phone via the expo application. The token is generated fine, and the notifications used to come through with no problems until i tried testing it today. I hope this answered your question :sweat_smile:

Hi there,

currently having the same issue using a curl query. I got the token over the weekend using a snack on iOS using

Hope that helps

Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately, I was not running in Snack. I was using expo-cli and the Expo Client on iOs

Yeah, looks like this will affect expo-cli projects as well, if you have never run expo publish for that project before. We think we’ve found the root cause and will be pushing out a fix soon, but as a temporary workaround, if you run expo publish, and then continue developing as you normally have (with expo start), push notifications should work again

Not sure if it is related but I cannot use the Expo Push notification tool either (
Keep getting the error message below…

the orginal ‘expo start’ command worked fine this morning.

Was there an outage?

Hmm… no doesn’t look like we’ve had any outage recently

I use the expo notification tool and it was down earlier but seems to be working again. Thanks for the quick fix!

Just to confirm what @pjately078 said, the fix landed in production, so if you are still getting Internal Server Error responses in your push tickets or receipts, please let me know and we can figure it out :smile:

yes! it’s working again, you saved my project! Thanks for the quick help @charliecruzan.

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