TypeError: Cannot read property 'withBranch' of undefined

Just upgraded eas-cli and expo-cli and am now receiving the following error when calling eas build:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'withBranch' of undefined.

More info:

info "eas-cli@0.33.1" has binaries:
   - eas
info "expo-cli@4.12.10" has binaries:
   - expo
   - expo-cli

I guess it may be due to the scheduled downtime

im getting this too right now

doesn’t happen in eas-cli 0.33.0 so i’m sticking to it for now - please let us know if there were any breaking changes or config that’s now required for eas builds

@apferreira90 thanks for the heads up. I’m doing the same now and it seems to work

Could you please create an issue at Issues · expo/expo · GitHub with as much detail as possible?

I’m getting the same error. Did you get to creating an issue on github @10000multiplier?


Doesn’t look like anyone created one. Could you?

Absolutely, I will do so later this evening. But isn’t this related to the eas repo? I’m getting the error using the eas build command.

Good point. Then I suppose here would be better :slight_smile:

Does reverting to eas-cli 0.33.0 also fix it for you?

@pixi didn’t see the need to go through the hassle of creating a reproducible repo as I fixed the issue by downgrading.

There’s only two commits between 0.33.0 and 0.33.1 so that’s where we should be looking to find the bug that slipped in.

Okay! Yes, I don’t have time to create a “minimal reproducible repo” either, I can create an issue without that, but I guess it won’t get much attention without it.

Will try to downgrade to the version you mentioned for now.

@wodin, thank you for your time anyhow.

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are you using yarn to install eas-cli globally? please try uninstalling and then installing globally with npm

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@notbrent yes I was using yarn global. Uninstalling and reinstalling with npm globally did the trick. Error is gone!

Is there a difference? They both install the same package, don’t they? Maybe I’ll try the same, but it should work equally good with yarn global.

Indeed it should, but there seems to be some sort of weird yarn bug. Here’s another thread where something went wrong with a yarn global install:

Thanks for the hint @wodin, will definitely check that out.

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