Turning off BarCodeScanner

We are currently using a BarCodeScanner in an app with a react-navigation tab-navigator.
When navigating away from the component, the camera stays active. What’s the best way to toggle the camera on/off - be it on the actual page or when navigating away?

Hello! The basic idea here is that you should hide the BarCodeScanner when the tab is not focused, and show it when it is focused.

react-navigation has pretty awkward support currently for subscribing for focus and unfocus events. See this long discussion about it for more info.

I had to do this recently and I found the most pleasant way to do it for the tab bar was to fork the built-in tab bar and have it support a onPressTab prop. Next, in the TabNavigator tabBarOptions I emit an event if the selected tab is pressed – this is because I only cared about knowing when the user tapped on the icon for an already selected tab. You could remove the if here. NavigationEvents is just an EventEmitter. Finally, I subscribe to the tab events on my screen where I care about it.

Possibly one of the solutions in the react-navigation issue I linked to would be more straightforward, and ultimately react-navigation needs to include a solution for this into the core itself. I hope this helps, though!

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Hi @notbrent - super detailed detailed explanation and code links - that’s a really useful way of dealing with this scenario. In the particular app we are working on now we have now tapped into the Redux Navigation info and are showing/hiding the scanner accordingly. Looks good, and the battery drain should be over :four_leaf_clover: Having now worked more with react-navigation and following the thread above and others, I’d also be looking forward for more in-built support for the focus/unfocus event. Many thanks :smiley:

Hello, i am new to the Expo. when you say hide the BarCodeScanner/Camera, is it to set it’s display property to ‘none’, or totally remove it from render()?

i have the same issue of having a camera within a tab screen. it works well when the tab firstly was rendered, after switching to other tab and switching back to the camera tab, it appeared black screen.


this can be addressed by giving a render section without ‘Camera’ tag on the navigation ‘didBlur’ event. and bring it back on the ‘didFocus’ event. works well.