Trimmed News 1.0 version is now public!

Hi Expo community,
I’m Elias Lankinen founder of Trimmed News. I started this project half a year ago and now the first (1.0) version is released.

Trimmed News is a news aggregator where you can read summarized news. You can add your favorite RSS feeds or search from most popular. The goal of this app is to reduce time spent reading news. The app still needs a lot of improvement and that is why I would appreciate feedback about it.



Thanks for sharing this with the community! Congrats on the release! :clap: :tada:

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I just updated the app and now it is better than ever. Most of the annoying bugs are fixed and the UI is closer to beautiful. I also started a challenge.

  1. Take screenshot of your Screen Time news usage.
  2. Download Trimmed News and use it for a month.
  3. Take screenshot of your Screen Time news usage.
  4. Send screenshots to us.
  5. Receive a gift (as long as there is some in our inventory)

Available iOS and Android