Transitioning to FCM without downtime

I read in the deprecation notice that expo will continue to use GCM to push notifications to users who have valid GCM tokens. However, I also read in a forum topic that someone said their notifications stopped working after running expo push:android:upload --api-key <your-token-here>.

We don’t have the new build ready yet with the google-services.json file. Do we wait until that new build is published to upload our new FCM api key? Or can we do it now and expo will intelligently continue to run push through the old method until users start registering with FCM tokens?

Hey @bscpro - thanks for asking. Expo’s push server knows which provider to use with each push token, and will only attempt to use the FCM server key when sending notifications through FCM. You can go ahead and upload your server key now using expo push:android:upload, and it should not affect any current notifications that are going through GCM.

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