Transfer Project to Different User?

We first created our Expo Project ( under @thebigredgeek’s account.

This isn’t an account that is related to our company though, so we need to switch it to my personal account or a company account.

I realized this because I attempted to simply make a new boost-mobile project under my name, but now that I’m attempting to push the new standalone apps to the iTunes and Google App Stores, the certificates (which are managed by Expo) are mismatched.

What’s the best next course of action?

You can get the certificates from the old account using exp fetch:ios:certs and exp fetch:android:keystore.

And can I upload certifications as well? I still want Expo to manage this
for me.

When you run exp build it’ll ask whether you want to upload certificates or let Expo create them. Tell it that you want to upload certificates and upload the ones you downloaded previously.

Hello there! I have some issue with this too.
The problem is with publishing a new versions of apps. Yes like in upper post, my project was created not by me, but when i start to exp build it doesn’t ask any keys. So i cant refresh app in markets, only my colleague…