Transfer App to another Expo Account


I’ve published an Expo standalone App for a client using my expo login, eg: exp://

Now the App is already published on both Android + iOS stores and I need to handoff what I developed to my client’s tech team but I’m having some trouble:

a) How can I transfer an app from my expo account to another expo account?

b) If it’s not possible to transfer an app to another expo account, how should I do? Do I need to create a new expo app (new slug) on another expo account?



hey @brunont,

Currently, there isnt a way to transfer projects.

Since your app is already published to the Google/Apple stores, the easiest approach is to transfer the entire expo account (ie) give the company access to your expo account.

If you don’t want to do this, then you need to create a new expo account for the client company, publish their expo project under that account (existing standalone apps will not receive updates since it’s from another developer), then download your distribution certificate and push notification certificate from apple’s developer center, and reupload those credentials when running exp build:ios with the new account.

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Hi @quinlanj,

Tks for your reply.

Is it possible to rename my expo account? ie from my name to my customer name?


Hi @brunont - unfortunately there’s not a way to rename your account at this time :frowning: though you can change your first and last display names. So sorry for the inconvenience here - we’re aware the experience of transferring projects is not great right now. Improving it is on our roadmap for the future.


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