Tracking Installation Source

We have a need to track where an app was installed from. We have several different distribution avenues (Google Play Store, partner apps that install our software, web sites where our apps can be downloaded from, etc.). For analytic purposes, we would like to track what source the user got our app from and analyze their behavior, etc.

For other apps, we’ve included a hard-coded identifier into the build itself, which can then be passed on to the analytics engine. That mechanism doesn’t work too well when all of our installations are downloaded from a shared location before the initial execution. We’re not seeing an easy way to differentiate someone who initiated the program from, say, a website install vs. a Google Play Store install. Note that “install the Expo client and download via the URL” scenario isn’t in play for this discussion.

I would welcome any creative solutions one might have to this issue. It’s blocking our ability to release an app until we get something figured out about tracking installs.

We have considered separate Expo accounts (so the Google Play installation uses a different publishing URL than the website install version), but are concerned with the significant scalability issues associated with that solution (we could be tracking over 50 different build/distribution channels).

Any ideas would be appreciated…

Expo has alpha support for Branch in its API, which you can read about here:

I believe install attribution is one of the features offered by Branch.

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Thanks Nikki, I’ll take a look at Branch. At first blush, it appears that Branch works via installations via (deep) links, which wouldn’t support all of our installation avenues, but perhaps there’s something in there I can use. Thanks.

Still open to other suggestions too… :blush:.