trackAppLifecycleEvents in Managed flow?

We really don’t want to have to eject our project, because this is probably the only advantage we’ll get from it. Anyway, we really want to turn on trackAppLifecycleEvents in our app so we can track installs, and it is mentioned in the Segment docs here:

But there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this in the expo-analytics-segment package. is that intentional?

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Hi! We are working on a couple of different methods to allow for an installation-referrer, but right now it’s not available in the managed workflow. Hopefully that will change soon, though!

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Any specific ETA on this feature?
We need it as well and we don’t want to eject just for this.

Will also recordScreenViews be available to toggle?

Take a look at this PR! That module will be included in a future SDK, but you can look at the docs added by that PR to get a feel for what it’s like

Thanks charliecruzan for the link!
However, I don’t really understand how expo-application module would be able to help with setting trackAppLifecycleEvents on segment analytics initialization. Might be useful to see an example of expo-application module being used to initialize segment with android, ios keys and trackAppLifecycleEvents set to true.

I was mostly referring to Application.getInstallReferrerAsync()

Thanks for the clarification, however I don’t think that this will help with Segment trackAppLifecycleEvents. Currently, Segment initialisation in Expo doesn’t allow to specify it. It limits the functionality of Segment within Expo to almost unusable state for tracking standard events (like application installed event, which is one of the most common in most of the attribution/marketing tools).

Application.getInstallReferrerAsync() -> is only available on Android and allows to track google play referrer content, but it is just a small part of marketing campaigns/world.


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