TimeZone Confusion - update

Hi All,

My code shows a time picker, then stores the selected time in the cloud, to be mirrored to the user later.

Here’s what I don’t understand:

Localization.getCurrentTimeZoneAsync() returns “GMT”

_date.getTimezoneOffset() / 60 = 4 hours! _

Shouldn’t my TZ offset be 0 if my system believes it is in GMT?

in other confusion, since I am in Boston, the TZOffset should be 5 hours, not 4.
_ _
_I looked in the documentation for timezone info, but only found the Localization documentation. _
Can somebody explain this to me?


Update: (I hope this saves somebody a mess of time)

  1. I learned that GMT !== UTC
  2. the SIMULATOR is in GMT, but when I run on my device it gets the correct offset
  3. I tried changing the location of my iOS simulator, but it had NO effect on its perceived TZ

So I can only truly test on an iPhone. Next up is the Android simulator.

Thanks for sharing this with the community, @ldwight! Glad you got to the bottom of it!



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