This release is not compliant with the Google Play 64-bit requirement

We are experiencing the exact same issue,
any solutions ?

I think the solution is to wait once expo will start support react-native 59.0 and after that update expo and react native

The message in Play Console is not blocking your release. It’s a warning message but you are still able to push out .apks that are not 64-bit as Google’s deadline on this is August 1st, 2019.

@adamjnav so? I know, I can read. That was not my question. My question is how to fix this warning? I don’t want to be blocked 1st of August of this error, meaning that I want to fix it now.

Ah, my bad. As you mentioned, you’ll have to wait until we add 64-bit support which will be with SDK34 or SDK35’s release.

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Omg, I though it would be available in SDK 33.

You will add it before 1st august?

Yeah, we’ll definitely have support rolled out before then. We will try to give developers as much time as possible before the deadline.

Thanks for your great work.

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Thanks for the great work team.

I am using SDK 30. if SDK is updated, am I going to have to re-create the project and separate the project and write the code again and receive the module again?

Is there a place where you have a timeline of when you plan to release those versions?

SDK33 is not out yet and you’re saying that it might be added in SDK 34/35 which I/we have no idea when it’s going to be released.

No, we don’t have a timeline for this. All I can say is that we’ll make sure that 64-bit support is out before the deadline so that no Expo developer’s release cycle is inhibited.

Once the new version is released, and will my code be OK if I update my SDK?

This seems pretty important to have a timeline for, especially if the migration of existing Expo apps takes a significant amount of work.

It won’t require any extensive migration. Only new submissions after Aug. 1st will be required to be 64-bit and that would only require building a new binary once we’ve updated the android builders.

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You have to edit all categories on the left with grey marks. If they are all green, you can progress with a release.

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I was able to open the project generated by expo eject on SDK33 using Android Studio, I fixed a couple of things, then submitted it to Google Play and it was accepted.


  • Create an app bundle not an apk

  • abiFilters in the app Gradle script:

    abiFilters 'armeabi-v7a','arm64-v8a','x86','x86_64'

There a quite a few other details, which are probably specific to the app you are developing.

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expo build:android -t app-bundle

i solve porblem here : you can follow my steps step by step to fix enable 64 bit through unity and android studio

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