Third party app linking

Hi i am using expo sdk v 20.

I am trying deep linking from a third party app.

and when i try to link from third party app, expo throws error

exp://kakaolink “Error while loading: A server with the specified hostname could not be found…” (code -1003)

kakaolink is the third party app i am using. I have detached my app, and I don’t know why the app scheme is still exp:// need help

Hi, I believe this is a bug in ExpoKit iOS right now. Can you try running a published/Release build of your app and see if the issue still occurs? Also see:

thx for reply
i’ve already saw that issue. and in my case it still happens even in published/released app.

I’ve traced what is happening and found out that

function in EXKernelLinkingManager

  • (void)openUrl:(NSString *)urlString isUniversalLink:(BOOL)isUniversalLink

this function changes my app scheme into exp://kakaolink, and which was MY_APP_SCHME://kakaolink.

i think it’s the code in line:72

urlToRoute = [[self class] uriTransformedForLinking:url].absoluteString;

i belive bug cames from here… need quick response thx

Have you added your app’s scheme to Info.plist?

of course. that’s why i got my app opened

I’ve just managed to hook the openURL in my appdelegate.

but I think expo needs to fix this issue

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