Thinking about changing my server

I am hosting an app, which is using Expo SDK 30, on my server, following hosting-your-app. Some people are using it.

But now I need to move my app to another server (cdn). Is there any way can meet:

a. my users don’t need to reinstall the app

b. after moving, the app can update via new server static files

I am thinking about using status code 301/302/307 to redirect, like redirect http://a.b.c/static/android-index.json to http://d.e.f/static/android-index.json. But I don’t know if it can work. Or Maybe there is a better choice?

Sorry for my poor English…

Hey @qyw,

No need to apologize. You communicated your issue just fine. I’ll let you know when I know more about the best path forward here.


Thanks. I will wait for your reply.

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