"There was an unexpected error delivering the notification."


I´m trying to send push notifications to my app. Android works well and ios works when developing but not in testFlight.

In testFlight i get this message “There was an unexpected error delivering the notification.” which dont help me much. I´ve tried to remove and delete my certificates and proviosioning file and creating new ones @ apple and adding them again.

I´m out of ideas, can you see what I’m doing wrong?

“sdkVersion”: “23.0.0”
My latest token: ExponentPushToken[8ii628H1cWLV0R_lTZtSTF]

This could be a couple of things, have you taken a look at any of the other related questions:


Yeah, I’ve read them a couple of times.

Guess I’ll keep experimenting with the certificates. If its possible, some more error details would be nice.

Thanks for fast reply! :slight_smile:

So for others with this problem:

One of my problems was my Provisioning Profile. It wasnt connected to my distribution certificate.

I went to “Provisioning Profile” / “Distribution” and saw a yellow blip and the text “Inactive”, or maybe it was “Invalid”. When i clicked “Edit” I chose my Distribution certificate and the blip went green and the text changed to “Active”, see screenshot.

I think I might have/had more problems but fixing this removed more than half of all my “There was an unexpected error delivering the notification.” error messages.

Hope it will be helpfull. I will update again when I find other mistakes I’ve made :wink:

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Also, sending only single json push object seems to trigger som errors when sending to iOS. It works fine to send single pushes to Android but when sending pushes to iOS the success rate is much higher when sending json arrays of pushes.

And dont send pushes to close to each other.

Please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

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