The recipient device is not registered with FCM

SDK Version: 32
Platform: Android

Need help in push notification using exponent-server-sdk-php, I’m receiving this error “The recipient device is not registered with FCM” and I found this another forum that can help solve the problem. The forum indicates to set up fcm with firebase to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, we already have configured our FCM same as the forum, but we’re still experiencing the same error on some devices. Over 2/10 devices on our test*(all are android phones version 5-8)* experiencing the error and it’s still a big problem. :frowning:

Hey @juncahilig,

As mentioned in the php repo, we don’t maintain or support the library. The only one we offer support for and maintain is the node sdk. I would try using the node sdk just to test and ensure the problem lies with the php library as opposed to some misconfiguration with FCM.


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