The method or property Expo.Notifications.setBadgeNumberAsync is not available on android, are you sure you've linked all the native dependencies properly?

  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android
if (
      this.state.appState.match(/inactive|background/) &&
      nextAppState === "active" &&
      Platform.OS === "ios"
    ) {

Hey @pandeykamal,

If you are using SDK35, can you make sure you are using the legacy notifications module rather than the new expo-notifications module that is only compatible with SDK38+.


@adamjnav yeah I am importing it as follow

import { AppLoading, Notifications } from "expo"

Sorry I should’ve noticed the method you were calling rather than the import statement. That method is not available on Android which is expected behavior. “This method will reject on Android.”

If setting badge count is a necessary function of your app, our new Notifications module supports both Android and iOS. (as long as the Android launcher supports icon badges)

Thanks @adamjnav does checking the platform will not get rid of the error?

I am still on 35 and want to get rid of this one until i go with 38.

Yes, that should do the trick until you are able to upgrade to SDK38!

@adamjnav but I am getting lots of notifications on sentry for this one.

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