The EAS android build is different than the one I generated via expo start --android

expo 45.0.0
eas-cli/0.53.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.7.0
managed workflow

Hi everyone,
I build my android application using tab view and stack view with safeareaview and it appears perfectly on my local computer using expo start --android on my physical device. However, when I build it using eas, the top notch of the downloaded apk mobile app is different than the one I saw using expo start --android on my physical device.

The top notch with eas build (as below screenshot on the left) has flaw with a white background status bar (without clock,etc) while my local expo start --android (as below screenshot on the right) shows up perfectly with my designated background blue color at the top header and with status bar like clock,etc.

I tried to build my app locally using turtle cli but it complains that my android build tools are not installed but indeed it’s installed and I finally gave it up.

Please feel free to leave your comment if you have any clue.

do you have expo-system-ui installed?

Sorry for my late reply notbrent and I appreciate your swift reply.
The expo-system-ui are installed under node-modules folder. Isn’t it one of the default installed packages after I “expo init” in my folder?

Thanks again.

I finally got it working to display my status bar on Android using “StatusBar” component from React Native.

<StatusBar backgroundColor={themeColor} barStyle="default" />

I just inserted this line of code before the end of my </View> tag in App.js and the status bar will be displayed as expected.

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