the development server returned response error 502

this returns and error code just after i create an expo project frm the expo XDE…is it necessary that my device needs to be on the same network as of my linux system ???
i get the same error even on the android emulator

If you choose the LAN option, then yes, you need to be on the same network.

If you use the tunnel option, then XDE will use ngrok to create a tunnel that will be accessible to any device on the internet. But this will be a little bit slower than the LAN option. And on some networks, esp. corp networks with unusual firewall configurations, the tunnel doesn’t work well.

If you are getting the same error on the Android emulator, there’s likely some problem with the packager / server. Can you try restarting your project with the restart button in XDE? And if that doesn’t work, restart XDE entirely? Also, if you have any errors or warnings in the logs of XDE, please post them here.

yhea mine is a corporate network, what do i need to do, abt the firewall configs for the tunnel to work fine.
please help
thank you.

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