The callback getContactsAsync() exists in module ExponentContacts, but only one callback may be registered to a function in a native module

I’ve got a piece of code that uses Expo.Contacts.getContactsAsync() to get the list of contacts from the phone. I only ask for PHONE_NUMBERS.

On the list returned, I check of there’s an image available, and if so, I use Expo.Contacts.getContactByIdAsync with the THUMBNAIL option.

If the user scrolls down I do another call to get more. This all happens in a FlatList.

All this works fine in iOS, but on Android, I get the above error, and I have no clue what to do, and why it happens.

If people want to see the code I can replicate it here, but - as I said - it works fine on iOS, so I’m looking for advice on what can trigger this kind of behavior.

Can you reproduce the issue with and post the link here?