<Text> has class ABI32_0_0RCTTextView instead of RCTTextView

I have been trying to write E2E tests with Detox, but I have run to a roadblock.

It seems that Detox is for some reason unable to access text of my fields. I have written about it here https://github.com/wix/Detox/issues/1168 .
Turns out, that instead of RCTTextView class, text fields created whithin expo have class ABI32_0_0RCTTextView, which is not supported by Detox. It happens even on minimal project (

Is that normal? Is there something I can do about it? (I want to change the class to RCTTextView)

Hey @milanjimi!

I’ll be raising this question internally with our Detox pro. Just a few clarifying questions- what Expo SDK are you using, and are you testing iOS, Android, or both?


I am on iOS only (is Android Detox-Expo released already?), with expo 32.0.0

Thanks for bringing this up @milanjimi, a lot of our classes are prefixed with ABIxx_xx_xx, and it’s definitely a fix we are going to make.

Please go ahead and create a GH issue for this here, and we’ll get to work on it ASAP.

Thanks again!

https://github.com/expo/expo/issues/3599 Opened it. Hope you can get it fixed soon, good luck!

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