Text for require camera permission not updating


I have an issue with submission on Apple App Store. They requested to update the text displayed on the popup when asking for camera permissions.

I’ve added in app.json, under ios:

“infoPlist”: {
“NSCameraUsageDescription”: “my_text”,
“NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription”: “my_text”,
“NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription”: “my_text

I’ve incremented the version as well… submitted for review but the text is not present. Using expo app I dont see the text updated… the permission request looks like came from expo and not from app. How can I test it? How can I check if the text has been updated or not…?

Thank you!

do you have an ios directory in your project? ie: is it a bare project? run npx expo-env-info in your project and share the output here

The Info.plist is built into the app, so you can’t change stuff in ios.infoPlist and expect it to change in the Expo Go app. It can’t change after the app (in this case Expo Go) has been built.

You could create a development build or a preview build and install it on your device. Or you can create simulator versions of a development or preview build and test them on the simulator.

As Brent implies, if you have an ios directory in your project then these messages will come from the Info.plist included there. If you do have an ios directory, but you have not made any changes to it that you want to keep, I suggest you delete it to switch back to the Managed workflow.