Testing with QR code remotely?

  1. SDK Version: 44
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): IOS/All

In the past I could test Expo projects with the QR code over Zoom. This doesn’t seem to work any more?

It depends on whether the IP address of the machine running expo start is accessible to the device running Expo Go. If the machine running expo start had a private IP address (e.g. then another machine somewhere on the Internet will not be able to connect to that IP address.

There are ways around this, though. e.g.:

  1. You can run expo start --tunnel (or expo start --host tunnel) which will start an ngrok tunnel which other machines on the Internet will be able to connect to.
  2. If the machine is accessible via some public IP address with port forwarding configured on your NAT router to forward port 19000 to the private IP address, then you can tell expo start about the public IP like this:
REACT_NATIVE_PACKAGER_HOSTNAME=the.pub.lic.ip expo start

Option 1 is the easiest.

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