Testing with Detox

Hi! It seems like a few people were able to get detox working with

Has anyone else gotten Detox to work, with these methods? Cheers.

hi there! the with-detox-tests example is out of date but should work if you update the expo app that it includes to the latest version as per https://expo.io/tools

also be sure to check out this: https://github.com/expo/with-detox-tests/issues/2

i should update this but i just haven’t got around to it. i’ll add to my list of things to do

Brent! Dude thank you so much for replying so quickly.

I just finished setting it up on my local branch. Thank you again for the package.

You mentioned in one of those posts that detox works beautifully with release channels. Have you had a chance to test it yet?

did i mention that? hum. can’t remember. i haven’t tried it

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