Testing universal link verification on sideloaded development build?

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 41
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android, iOS

I think I’ve configured universal linking correctly per the documentation and platform requirements, and have checked that my domain verification files are present on the domain in question.

Per the Android docs, I should be able to debug the status of universal linking with adb. However, using pretty much any command to manipulate the app links operates as a no-op. Is this a known limitation on sideloaded apps or am I doing something wrong?

Of note, I can manually approve the domain in the apps settings UI, so the binary is properly configured, at least. From there, linking operates as intended. This data point makes me suspect the auto verification limitation is due to sideloading.

If that’s the case, I think the docs should be updated?

Some additional data points, how an app from Google Play reports differently from my dev build:

$ adb shell pm get-app-links com.tinder
    ID: f9721338-9664-49ef-ac83-f4ef70a76ea5
    Signatures: [8A:B1:4F:D7:50:B8:20:57:4D:20:C3:54:41:EA:14:A9:B5:D1:95:9A:31:04:0C:EC:12:B4:6B:B2:90:F4:DA:1B]
    Domain verification state:
      tinder.com: verified
$ adb shell pm get-app-links dating.kinksters.meet.dev
$ # no output.
$ adb shell pm get-app-links --user cur dating.kinksters.meet.dev
    User 0:
      Verification link handling allowed: true
      Selection state:
$ # Note it doesn't output the signing key signature, just the user preferences section.
$ adb shell pm get-app-links --user cur com.tinder
    ID: f9721338-9664-49ef-ac83-f4ef70a76ea5
    Signatures: [8A:B1:4F:D7:50:B8:20:57:4D:20:C3:54:41:EA:14:A9:B5:D1:95:9A:31:04:0C:EC:12:B4:6B:B2:90:F4:DA:1B]

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