Testing in Expo

I’ve been looking into TDD and have been interested in integrating some unit testing into my project.

If you have any suggestions that go hand in hand with Expo please explain why you chose it, how to integrate it and what combinations you use.

Greatly appreciated!

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In my opinion you should try Jest. It includes all you need for TDD in your app. And enzyme has always been my to-go ui tester but since react native is using a react alpha it is not supported yet (maybe on SDK 23 they will update to react 16)


I agree, tutorial is pretty easy to follow and you should be up and running pretty quick

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@enriquedev & @samee Thank you for both of your responses.

If I were to add testing with Jest, how would I go about doing that?

I’ve never used Jest and quite new with Expo. I don’t know where i’d begin.