TestFlight not getting exp publish --clear updates

EDIT: Fixed, see below in my reply on 1/9…

On xcode, I archive and upload a new build just fine.

I make changes to my CRNA (simple change on the UI) and run exp publish --clear to get a fresh expo bundle.

But, I do not see my changes on the TestFlight app. I’ve even deleted the TestFlight version that was out there, built a new one and reinstalled my app fresh. I do not see my changes.

What am I missing?

Through expo.io, scanning a QR Code, I do see my changes on Android through the Android Expo app. What’s wrong with TestFlight not picking up my changes?

Can you check the contents of EXShell.plist in your Xcode project and ensure that the url inside the plist matches the url you see when you run exp publish?

Yes, I’ve made sure they match. I’ve tried changing the url to a release-channel exp publish to sort of hope it purges a cache. That didn’t work.

That’s the idea right - the exp publish should just give something new for my testflight app to look at, right? It’s as simple as changing a js file, exp publish, and reload TestFlight app, right?


I’m not entirely sure what resolved this but…

  1. In app.json, I used a new slug value
  2. In xcode, I increased the value of the bundle version in Info.plist
  3. In xcode, I referenced the new slug name in the EXShell.plist

It’s possibly some combination of those. I can’t imagine having to point to a new slug every time I make a change. But, it seems like my expo files were stuck on the old slug.

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